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There’s a flurry of activity going on in the internet world regarding the upcoming movie release Retrovision. The website frequently changes domains, but it’s still worth checking out. The purpose of the site is to illegally leak movies in order to attract viewers. Many of the movies on Retrovision fall into the category of cult entertainment or indie fare. They can be sorted by IMDB score, genre, or popularity.

Hazanavicius cut his teeth on the cult genre with his previous two OSS 117 movies, a re-imagining of a 1960s French movie spy, and The Artist, a remake of the same character. Both films attempted to recreate the look of the eras in which they were set, and drew on vintage film techniques and special effects. In addition to using vintage film stock, Hazanavicius even borrowed camera moves from Hitchcock thrillers.

Despite its relative insanity, retrovision fits with the cult viewing material and the rise of cult films. The popularity of these films may be attributable to the fact that many people have a deep understanding of pop culture. In recent years, we have seen the resurgence of cult movies like The Exorcist and The Devil’s Due. In contrast, the popular pop genre has had a similar surge. Among the most notable examples of retrovision are The Artist and Garth Marenghi.

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