How to Digitise Your Shift Management

Digital systems have fundamentally changed the way we work – this includes how you manage your staff. While many businesses still operate with paper-based systems, right from distributing invoices and memos to time tracking and printing out work schedules and distributing them, this is inefficient and not good for the environment.

As businesses begin to embrace the digital environment, one area that can be digitised quickly is shift management.

What is shift management?

Shift management offers employers more than just the ability to manage schedules; it also provides employees with clear shift preferences, sends them alerts, gathers analytical insights, monitors staff movement, time tracking that eventually minimises the risk of non-compliance.

Here are a few ways to implement digital technology to aid your shift management.

Mobile App Features

Shift management software can be accessed from smart phones enabling you to track employee attendance. Employees can clock in and out via smart phones, and even pick their preferable hours, making them more productive. The features of this app allow team members to manage their schedules on the go, swap shifts, collaborate with their teammates, and more.

Monitoring time tracking using shift management

Similarly, timesheets can be reviewed or approved automatically using the shift management app. It is easier to monitor your operations from anywhere – check out in real time who is on the roster and where they are. So, no more manual checking, back and forth text messages or phone calls to monitor your employees. When you have an intelligent dashboard that keeps you informed your managers can focus on other productive chores.

Digitising allows you to work around the schedule

Automating your staff roster allows you to effortlessly plan your teams’ schedules. By feeding all the necessary information such as working hours, preferred days off, time zones, etc., the shift management software allows for flexible shift shuffling and instant swapping between employees. All the team members receive software updates whenever there is a shift shuffle and swap.

Location of staff using Geo-fencing capabilities

The Geo-fencing feature lets you track your employees in real-time as well as in a real-world geographic area. This is done by setting geographical areas to limit where an employee is permitted to clock-in and clock-out. This feature assures that when an employee logs in, it is done by the right person and from the right location. яндекс

Manager to staff communication

The software has an in-built work communication tool that allows managers to directly message any employee and vice versa. This makes sure that there are no communication gaps and that the employees are better connected and have an excellent internal rapport.

When the world is rapidly transitioning to digital, contactless systems, implementing shift management can bring huge benefits to businesses. With an effective employee shift management in place, it is easier to ensure that employees are aware of their work hours and duties to perform.

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