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How Much Does A Home Cost in Revere MA?

If you’re looking to buy a home in Revere MA, you’ll be glad to see that pricing is relatively affordable in this Boston suburb compared to most.  You’ll also be glad to see that it’s a very active market, and the inventory of homes for sale in Revere is an even mix between single family, condos, and multi-family.   Last year there were 519 residential real estate sales in Revere, out of which 176 were condos, 195 were single family homes, and 148 were multi family homes according to MLS data.

Median Prices for Condos in Revere

The median sale price for condos in Revere is $416K over the past 12 months.  That is the 7th lowest median condo price out of the 50 neighborhoods closest to Boston.  The average price per square foot in Revere is $372, the sixth lowest level in Metro Boston.

Single Family Median Prices in Revere

The one year median sales price for single-family homes in Revere is $547K, the 4th lowest median in all of metro Boston.  Revere is a great option for single family buyers because of its relatively high volume of sales, listings and lower than average price per square foot.  Revere’s 195 single family sales was the 14th most of any Boston neighborhood, and the average single family price per square foot of $322 makes Revere the 5th lowest price per square foot in Boston for single family.

Multi Family Median Home Prices in Revere

For property investors, Revere provides a lot of upside and potential for profitability based on current multi family prices and NOI projections.  Multi family homes for sale in Revere MA have a 1 year median price of $756K, the 7th lowest mark in Metro Boston.  Revere’s $293 price per square foot for multi-family homes is the 8th lowest in Metro Boston.

Revere Home Prices By Property Size

Revere ranks among the top 10 most affordable neighborhoods in metro Boston for all size properties, but it is especially affordable for larger properties.  It ranks 3rd most affordable for 5 bedroom properties, 6th lowest for 4 bedroom properties, 4th lowest for 3 bedroom properties.

Revere 1 Year Median Sale Price
Revere 1BR $337,527
Revere 2BR $417,702
Revere 3BR $530,404
Revere 4BR $662,117
Revere 5BR $754,175


  1. Revere 1BR 1 Year Median Sale Price:    $337,527
  2. Revere 2BR 1 Year Median Sale Price  $417,702
  3. Revere 3BR 1 Year Median Sale Price:    $530,404
  4. Revere 4BR 1 Year Median Sale Price:    $662,117
  5. Revere 5BR 1 Year Median Sale Price:    $754,175

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