History and benefits of CBD


According to historical data, cannabis has been cultivated in China since about three centuries BC. As for the history of cannabis use, it was found that It appears in the evidence of the Assyrians. The Greeks and Romans during the 2nd century AD showed evidence that cannabis seeds were brought to guests. It was customary to honor visitors (Galen of Pergamos died about AD 200 ), but marijuana was not used for intoxication. The Scythians used cannabis seeds to be burned on stones, which were heated to smoke to burn their bodies instead of bathing. But in any case, The ancient Greeks and Romans did not use marijuana for intoxication. But evidence shows that CBD kaufen was cultivated before in those days.

It wasn’t until the early 19th century that marijuana was widely used. It is prevalent among Indians, Egyptians, North Africa, and Eastern countries. Mainly Muslims. It was found that marijuana was used to cause intoxication. And it was observed that The effects of cannabis used vary according to the purpose of use. In the Indochina peninsula, cannabis has been cultivated since the 19th century. And many other countries in South America, including the United States. As well as countries in the Middle East, marijuana is widely used. According to a 1962 United Nations report, ten countries such as India and Pakistan use cannabis for medicinal purposes. The total amount is 299 kg per year.

Get to know the components of cannabis in 5 minutes.

FLOWER​ BUD The female flower produces a large bouquet with resin all over the inside and outside. The male flower has a small rounded lobe with male pollen for mating with the female flower to produce seeds.

The most popular flowers come from seedless female plants. The so-called Sinesemilla is grown to produce the highest concentration of cannabinoids while it is not fertilized. (No seeds attached) The top of the flower stem contains THC​ and a very high map.​

The volume and size of the bouquet can be increased or modified using a growing technique known as Topping or Low-Stress Training (LST) or Screen of Green (ScrOG).

Fan leaves (leaf) to grow a pair of trunks and branches will be from 3-11 points, depending on the species. And it can help differentiate between Indica and Sativa as well. The broad, dark leaves are Indica, and the light green slender is Sativa. Hybrids have leaves that are a mix of both. cannabis leaf characteristics.

More importantly, the leaves also act like CBD kaufen solar panels. They absorb all available light. And wastes the plant’s inner layer (Phloem) transmits energy to the rest of the cannabis. Think of it as the electrical wires in the walls of our homes.

Cannabis improves memory

“Cannabis” plays a role in helping to learn and have a better memory. Because cannabis found It contains up to 10% of glutamic acid, which is a precursor to the production of neurotransmitters. In English (Neurotransmitter) is glutamate and GABA, which these substances help in the matter. Learning process memory of the brain helps people exposed to this substance be more intelligent, even for children with intellectual disabilities. This includes emotional balance as well.

Non-essential amino acid or non-essential amino acid It is more common in two and one eyes. Act as a deterrent motion control other nerve cells. It is a substance that helps to relax. Reduce stressful mood It is a natural substance in the brain that helps us calm down and sleep deeply. In cannabis, CBD kaufen also benefits the body, such as mild arthritis and helping with migraine headaches.

Smoking marijuana or marijuana, which one works faster?

Many of you probably have more or fewer questions in your mind about smoking marijuana and eating marijuana; which one works faster? Which one works faster? And what kind of processes are there? Let’s find the answer today.

Smoking marijuana

Smoking marijuana will quickly enter the bloodstream. And it will act quickly in 10 minutes, affecting the mind for 2-3 hours, although using this method is faster than eating it.

Cannabis consumption

For using the method of eating, The resulting substance will pass through the stomach and liver before entering the bloodstream. like smoking marijuana due to

It passes through the stomach and liver before it enters the bloodstream more slowly. It will take effect in 1 hour, but slow-acting will have a more prolonged psychoactive effect, up

to 4-8 hours.

How are the advantages and disadvantages of using marijuana in each type? I hope it will benefit more or less cannabis.

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