Different Types of Chaff Cutter Machine in Kenyan Market

Dairy farming has been made easier by a chaff cutter machine that cuts feeds and breaks them down to chaff. It is then mixed with different forage. This machine makes it easier for cattle and horses to feed. Are you looking for a chaff cutter machine? I will be discussing different types of these machines.

Hay is an effective form of food used by most dairy farmers. Before feeding the cattle and horses, most feeds should be cut into small pieces to help digest and avoid wastage. To cut it, one uses a chaff cutter. Feed cutting helps improve healthy digestion, which allows the animals to gain weight and maintain good health. Below is a different type of chaff cutter machines available in the market;

Hand-operated cutter machines

Due to the advancement in technology, these machines are less used nowadays. Primarily they are used in rural areas where farmers have budget constraints. It is tiresome to use, but it still serves its purpose. When using it, one hand pushes the feed on the tray while the other holds move the blade. Farmers mostly use it with few animals since it takes time and requires a workforce.

Electric chaff cutters

It is simpler to use this machine because it does not require a workforce, and it saves time. The cutting size is adjustable and works that the device could do in hours within minutes. It is used in areas with more than five animals since it is easier to operate. This machine reduces the time used when cutting animal feeds manually.

Mini chaff cutter machine

Mini chaff cutter price in Kenya is very pocket-friendly because of their reduced size. They are portable and lightweight. Small farmers prefer these machines because of their size and portability. The output for processed cuttings is up to 1000t/hr. They are easier to operate, and storage space is minimal as well.

Manual chaff cutter machine

Majorly, these cutters are used by small farms that have minimal forage requirements. They are portable and lightweight. They are majorly used to cut wheat, straw, and grass. This machine lacks delivering belt, and so it is done manually. They are suitable for a farmer with less than two animals to feed because processing the food takes time.

Automatic cutter machine

As the name suggests, everything is automatically done. The machine has an advanced feed that automatically delivers the meal to the cutter and a mechanized belt system. Power options are multiple such as, diesel engines, motors, and tractors. They cut a large amount of feed in a short time. They are used mainly by large-scale farmers because they save time and are efficient.


In the market today, there are different types of chaff cutters. It is upon you to choose the one that meets your requirement perfectly, which depends on your dairy farm’s size. These machines have various advantages, such as improving the health of the animals and saving time and energy processing the feeds.

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