Crypto Nodes: How They Impact the Security of Cryptocurrencies 2023

Although Satoshi Nakamoto published the original Bitcoin Whitepaper more than a decade ago, blockchain technology is still in its early stages of widespread adoption with some people attempting to understand cryptocurrencies and how they actually operate.

Certainly, you don’t need to learn about the ins and outs and mechanics of the blockchain in order to benefit from it, but having a solid understanding would undoubtedly make it easier for you to manage the complexities of this technology. Blockchain – or crypto nodes – is one of the more frequently used terms in the Web3 industry.

A node in computer science is merely a small element that participates in a much bigger system. While this definition is correct, it becomes a little bit more difficult when applied to cryptocurrencies.

There is no getting around the complexity of cryptocurrency. Also, it can be irritating and nearly impossible for many people to try to comprehend every single detail of it. But let’s try to make it simpler.

What are blockchain nodes?

Before we learn about crypto nodes let’s first talk about what a blockchain is. Even though the broad definition of the blockchain is widely known, it won’t harm to review it.

All cryptocurrencies run on the blockchain, which serves as their foundation. The blockchain is essentially a ledger that records all transactions ever made and uses cryptocurrencies to make transactions. A “block” is a term used for sets of data that contain information on each on-chain transaction ever made. Every time someone uses cryptocurrency to make a transaction, the details of that transaction are recorded as a block on a blockchain.

The main function of crypto nodes — computing devices containing a copy of blockchain — is to help with validating each transaction before a block is permanently recorded on the decentralized network. Crypto nodes can be compared to the bedrock of blockchains and the reason why they work the way they do. They are often divided into categories, such as full, light, and archive nodes. With nodes, you can access blockchain infrastructure. For example, if you are an Ethereum user, you can benefit from using ETH API. Full nodes help massively in securing the network by monitoring activity and enforcing the protocol rules.

How do blockchain nodes affect security? 

One of the main ways crypto nodes help decentralized networks is by increasing their security. Keep in mind that because blockchains are decentralized, the community must actively participate for these networks to exist and maintain their security. Running crypto nodes — either self-hosted or built with the help of a node provider — is crucial for Web3-based technology.

Additionally, maintaining a node ensures that all the regulations put in place are followed by all kinds of network participants — with no exceptions included.

Let’s say you are using the Ethereum network. With crypto nodes, you are able to manage ETH API security without the need for a middleman. There is no need to go through a third party, and your ETH is kept in a safe place.

Moreover, the nodes also can participate in network governance. The majority of nodes must be in favor of new propositions for them to be implemented.

GetBlock to deliver nodes for you

How can GetBlock help you? If you do not want to spend your personal time and money on learning all the peculiarities of creating and maintaining crypto nodes, GetBlock will do all the work for you! If you want to access 40+ leading networks, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, BNB Chain, Tron, Solana, and more – all you have to do is simply choose between the shared and dedicated node options.

ETH API is one of the most popular node infrastructures chosen by GetBlock clients. You can get immediate access to the Ethereum network, and even test out your decentralized applications in testnet. Moreover, you can get privately designed dedicated nodes developed based on the requirements you provide.

Final thoughts

The world of blockchains and cryptocurrencies is deep and complex. Therefore, it may be very helpful to understand how this technology functions and more specifically, what elements it consists of. Crypto nodes are one of these components. By starting to learn the basic terms and ideas associated with blockchain technology, you will be able to become a Web3 professional in no time!

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