All About the Upcoming Raksha Bandhan Celebration 2022

When would Raksha Bandhan be observed in 2022? on August 11 or 12?

Siblings are eager to celebrate the holy festival of Raksha Bandhan alongside their families, which is just around the horizon. For siblings, this feast is a significant occasion. This is observed on or full moon day, the Purnima, of the Shravan or Sawan month. Sisters wrap a Rakhi around their brothers’ wrists on this occasion and send them their best wishes. 

Date & Timings

Sawan Purnima will happen on August 11 this year. The Purnima Tithi in 2022 will run from 10:38 am on August 11 through 7:05 am on August 12. Bhadra, on the other hand, coincides with the full moon and lasts for the initial half of Purnima Tithi.

The optimal time to tie a rakhi and carry out rituals on Raksha Bandhan, which occurs in the late afternoon, is Aparahna, as per Drik Panchang. Bhadra is also thought to be a bad period for all auspicious activity, according to Hindu texts, hence rituals cannot be undertaken during that time.

The Raksha Bandhan Bhadra would end at 8:51 p.m., says Drik Panchang. Raksha Bandhan, therefore, will begin on Thursday, August 11 in the evening as well as remain through Friday, August 12. The Raksha Bandhan Muhurat in Pradosh Time will run from 8:51 to 9:13.


Sisters make the Rakhi ki thali on the celebration of Raksha Bandhan. They prepare the rakhi, light a little diya, as well as set out some akshat (rice flavored with turmeric).

Families perform a little puja and communal prayer at home. A few individuals create a little rangoli on the ground on each of the four sides of a wooden platform before worshipping the god. They then request that their sibling take a seat on the platform.

Then, brothers and sisters supplicate for one another’s health and longevity. The sister then wraps the rakhi over her brother’s right wrist after applying a tilak of kumkum to his forehead. Typically, brothers swear to guard them for the rest of their lives in exchange for gifts.

What Novelty Should You Attempt This Year?

Here are some ideas for how you might further enhance your sibling’s memory of this day:

Consider Making Their Favorite Dish: One of the finest gifts one could give is food, and also what better method to make a special occasion memorable and enjoyable as compared to with a special dinner provided for someone significant? Food is one of life’s most satisfying gifts. This year, cook your sibling’s favorite dish, pay attention to or record their responses, and post it on social media to make them feel special.

Recreate Old Memories-Blips of the past or memories might serve as a reminder of where we came from and how far we have come. Siblings, with whom we spend a large portion of our youth, have a significant role in the development of our personalities as adults. Attempt generating memories when you want to experiment with something new this year. Simply said, recreate a scene from the past (you could express it as per their creativity, compose as well as sing a song, put the memories into words, write a poem, etc.), capture a photograph of you and your sister when you were kids (it might be your favorite), reproduce the stance, and record the moment.

Give a present with historical resonance: The essence of Raksha Bandhan revolves around cherishing the relationship which you share with your siblings. Childhood as well as memories are filled with tales. An item that is meaningful and brings back a special memory from your childhood may be the nicest and most attractive Rakhi gift for this occasion.

Leave Behind Old Resentments: People who care about one another are more prone to let one another down. Love requires so many sacrifices, modifications, and, not to mention, grudges. The finest gift you can give your sibling—and yourself and your family—if you as well as your sibling are going through a difficult time—is to put your differences aside, get past your animosity, cherish your relationship, and stop whining.

Be With Your Family (Physically/Virtually): The main delight of holidays is always being with family, whether physically or virtually (that is why traffic is at its peak during festivals). In India, the necessity of celebrating the occasion with family is so obvious that hardly anyone ever brings it up. Certain people, meanwhile, are unable to compensate for their absence by being with their families.

Other choices for gifts you might consider: Don’t let your sibling down this time either if it’s a tradition for you to give them a gift on Raksha Bandhan. 

Here are some additional possibilities to consider for Rakhi Online:

  • Chocolate/Sweets Gift Hamper \Headphones
  • Identify their needs before giving.
  • Kindle
  • Individual twin dresses
  • Footwear: Sandals/Shoes


The brothers pledge to do their duty and safeguard their sisters for the rest of their life. The affectionate relationship between a brother and sister is symbolized by this Hindu holiday. According to religious belief, tying a rakhi is very significant and brings good fortune. Get a Rakhi for brother and there are several Rakhi gifts for sister that you get online.

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