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6 Everyday But Shocking Elements Which Block Your Drains

Mood-buster, joy-choker or homely-mayhem: Call them whatever you want, but one thing is pretty clear about clogged drainage- they are a downer for anyone. No matter how early you wake up to steer clear of a traffic jam, you end up facing the plumbing jamming.

While you’re going ‘Sherlock’ about what triggers blocked drains Canberra, you don’t have to look far. The clog supporters are none other than your daily products and household causes. 

What is Causing Your Drains to Get Blocked?

It’s a nightmare for every person to wake up to a clogged toilet. Not only it can dampen your morning energy, but it also consumes unnecessary time that could’ve been used more productively. Fortunately, figuring out the causes can help you prevent the blockage from happening ever again.


Don’t you dislike it when you see a ball of fallen hair in your bathroom? 

Now you have one more reason to prevent hair fall. Not only do the strands clog the drains but also catch grease to bind with other problematic components. So, if you don’t want to waste another minute clearing the hair nest on the drain, ensure to use a guard.


Doesn’t it feel strange that a cleanser can be a clogger too? 

Jokes apart, the conventional soaps use fats in their constitution, which bind with minerals in the water. The more you get hard water in your house in Canberra, the more scum it will generate. Eventually, the cleanser junk will cover the entire surface of the drainage holes rendering no outlet for wastewater. 

Excess Dirt

While a regular amount of debris can wash away with water, excess dust or mud can build up over time around your sewer. Ensure that your clothes and shoes don’t carry a lot of dirt in the washroom to avoid any clogged drains. 

Food Waste

Do you throw the plates in your sink with residual food in them? 

The food remnants not only clog your drains but also provide an ecosystem for bacteria to grow during humid days in Canberra. Even the seemingly innocent coffee and tea leaves can cause sewers to get blocked since they don’t break down quickly. 

The most convenient solution will be to keep a compost bin for food waste disposal. 

Mineral Accumulation

Do you ever wonder how hard water in your Canberra home affects you? 

Not only does the hard water clog your toilets with mineral buildup, but it also damages the drainage material permanently. If you want to avoid any such harm and clogged drains, you can install a water softener at home. Besides, you can also make a weekly routine of cleaning the scum with DIY ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar etc.

Toilet Paper

Oh no! Another crappy morning with a clogged toilet. 

Believe it or not, your toilet paper usage is a real cause behind the blockage. Usually, the paper will dissolve itself and let the flow return to normal. However, excess use can require you to call a professional for unclogging.

In The End

From blocking water flow to causing corrosion, blocked drains in Canberra are nothing short of a nuisance. However, if you can zero in on the cause and start working on prevention, you can save yourself from frustration and plumber visits. 

On that note, be responsible and no more putting the waste down the drain. 

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