6 Addictions and Disorders that Can be Helped at a Treatment Center

Attending a treatment center for drug addiction and mental disorders is often necessary for dual diagnoses. Without learning how one issue activates the other, it may not be possible to know the signs of triggers. At a treatment center, patients can learn how to prevent their symptoms from controlling their life.

With a team of qualified professionals, individuals can learn to overcome their addiction, manage their mental health, and live functional lives. It takes research to find the right team to treat dual diagnosis. Unfortunately, there are a limited number of treatment centers that focus on substance abuse recovery and mental health management.

In the effort to help you find the proper care, understand the relationship between mental disorder and drug addiction. Here are six addictions and disorders that can be helped at a treatment center. If you identify with any of the scenarios below, search ‘treatment centers near me’ and get the help you need.

1. Ecstasy Abuse? Search ‘treatment centers near me’

Ecstasy is a drug that causes a person to experience hallucinations and delusions on both an auditory and visual level. During the high, the person may feel euphoric, but the drug creates adverse effects, including dehydration that can be fatal. Search for ‘treatment centers near me’ to find local options to treat this addiction.

2. Speed And Stimulant Addiction

Stimulant addictions are drugs that cause the body and mind to speed up. Some of the most abused stimulants are Meth, Adderall, cocaine, and amphetamines. Individuals struggling with depression may use stimulants for relief. Google ‘treatment centers near me’ to get help if this sounds like you.

3. Anxiety And Sedative Addiction

Sedatives are benzodiazepines, which are drugs prescribed to treat anxiety, insomnia, and seizures. Sedatives calm the mind and reduce the symptoms associated with stress. Some common sedatives that are abused include Xanax, Valium, and Ativan. Search ‘treatment centers near me’ to find help for sedative addiction and any underlying mental health concerns.

4. Bipolar Depression And Substance Abuse

Bipolar depression is a mental health condition classified by drastic changes in mood over traceable periods. People with the disorder experience episodes of mania and inconsistent depression patterns. During episodes, individuals are vulnerable to substance abuse.

5. Borderline Personality Disorder

A borderline personality disorder is a mental health disorder classified by frequent mood swings, impulsivity, emotional instability, and intense relationships. Many people with this disorder struggle with substance abuse.

6. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is a mental health condition that causes one to think, feel, and behave based on various obsessions and compulsions. OCD symptoms may influence one to self-medicate and develop substance abuse for relief.

Treatment Centers Are Lifelines

Attending a treatment center can be a lifeline for people living with mental disorders and substance abuse. The right treatment center will include addiction and mental health treatment. There, patients will learn to manage symptoms and prevent relapse. Google ‘treatment centers near me’ to find centers prioritizing dual diagnoses. Get the care you need.

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