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5 Types of Real Estate Videos Every Realtor Needs to Create

The inclusion of videos boosts the real estate business. Real estate video is a creative way to attract the attention of buyers to listings. A real estate video adds value to a brand and improves the brand image of a real estate marketing company. Realtors can connect with clients on an emotional level with this genre of content. A powerful real estate video marketing strategy aids in generating more leads. It also helps to build customer trust. With videos, real estate marketing has become more fun. More can be offered to the buyers virtually.

Why Include Video Marketing in the Real Estate Marketing Strategy?

Videos have greatly transformed online digital marketing. Businesses of all types have achieved huge success by incorporating video marketing into their marketing strategies. A real estate video is an invaluable tool for everyone involved. With a good real estate video editor, it is easy for anyone to create professional-looking videos. 

The benefits of real estate video marketing are listed below:

  • Engaging- A short and compelling real estate video is more watched. Buyers are keen to see a property from all angles. Videos are a time-saver too.
  • Trustworthy- The presence of a real estate agent in the video makes people feel connected. It builds customer trust. 
  • Versatile- Guided tours, testimonials, and other video types can be used to achieve specific goals. Creative explainer videos improve brand image; buyers are drawn to powerful brand messages told via videos.
  • Immersive- Videos can be used to bring properties to life. Viewers can feel that they are living in the houses while watching AR/VR type real estate videos. 
  • Shared more- Short videos can be easily shared on social media. Videos are shared more than any other content type. 

5 Types of Real Estate Videos

Real estate videos can help convert leads into potential buyers. Here are 5 types of real estate videos that every realtor needs to know to give the viewers the best that they want:

  • ‘About Us’ Video: Putting a face and personality to a virtual video helps to connect with buyers on an emotional level. Clients are happy to know more about a realtor and seller that they’re going to deal with. It is always good to show buyers the best; the video can be edited with a real estate video editor to include images of awards and credits received by the realtor or seller.
  • Listing Video: An excellent way to show the property to buyers is to shoot a video. Images are wonderful, but real estate videos are unbeatable. The incorporation of video marketing in the real estate marketing strategy will help realtors win customers within seconds. It is recommended to cover every appealing angle of the property, every unique design, and that fully ventilated living room. Polished property listing videos can be created, showing little details of every corner, using a real estate video editor. A good real estate video editor comes with the best templates and effects to give a professional look to the property listing videos. Few tips:
  • Dynamic transitions can be included.
  • A catchy soundtrack does the magic.
  • A short property listing video can be easily shared over social media.

A creative realtor knows how to make the video more engaging by mixing brilliant images, stunning video clips, and appropriate narration. If a property is newly constructed, the pros of buying a new building should be emphasized. If it’s corporate real estate, the successes of previous clients should be highlighted. 

  • Neighborhood Video: Flaunting the amenities makes a prospective buyer instantly fall in love with a property. The surroundings of a property should be covered in a real estate video to enhance its quality. A brilliant neighborhood video showing schools, parks, community events, etc. can be created using a real estate video editor. A realtor can showcase these elements in the video so that it is easy for buyers to imagine themselves living in the surroundings:
  • Green spaces.
  • Snapshots of the neighborhood.
  • Schools and institutions.
  • Community events.
  • Nearby health centers.
  • Public transport.
  • Explainer Video: A real estate brand can stand out among competitors by creating short videos to help clients with their queries, or by creating simple tips and tricks videos. Such videos will not only improve the brand image, but also help gain viewers and potential buyers. Tips and tricks video must be a part of the real estate video marketing strategy. Realtors can connect with their target audience. Prospective clients might hire realtors if they are impressed by a realtor’s expertise on different real estate topics. Tips and tricks videos can be used to flaunt one’s knowledge. Include the following – 
  • Technical terms and real estate concepts can be made simple by explaining those to the audience.
  • Tips can be given to new sellers for selling an old house.
  • Tips on hiring real estate agents can be included.
  • Closing costs or real estate breaking news can be included.
  • Buyers and seller queries can be addressed via an explainer video. 

Visuals, transitions, and animations that come with a real estate video editor can be used to make these explainer videos more effective and engaging to the audience.

  • Testimonial Video: A testimonial video is used to show that a realtor’s track record is positive. Footage of clients discussing a realtor or snapshots of client reviews are added to a testimonial video. This genre is a golden opportunity to show potential buyers why they should hire a particular realtor. Realtors create perfect testimonial videos with crystal clear audio using a real estate video editor to increase the chances of getting hired.


Real estate videos help reach a wider audience and are highly engaging. The best thing about a real estate video is that a real estate agent can show the listing videos to potential clients anywhere and at any time. One does not necessarily need to be physically present at the destination. 

A video covers more angles and details than an image. Realtors can use short and stunning videos that can be shared over social media to grow leads exponentially. Different real estate video types can be used to improve brand awareness. You will need to know the best IDX.

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