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Thinking about studying law? Choose an ample place to pursue your dream. Why do the students prefer to Study Law in the UK? An increasing number of students are going to the UK to pursue law during the latest years. Well, an internationally certified law degree can lay the foundation for your beautiful dreams. Study In Uk Consultants can provide various options to choose from if you are confused about the suitable program. 

Why study Law?

Studying law provides various chances to enhance the skills in exploring many features of human life. It sharpens your mind by shaping your skills and expanding your experience in practical aspects of studying law. There are many areas in which you could specialize according to your knowledge and interests. If you are a keen problem solver and a studious person with abstract thinking, the law can be the right choice for you. Every firm or business is in need of legal advice which brings out more opportunities for graduates.     

Different types of law degrees offered in the UK

The most common types of law degrees are Bachelor of law (LLB) and Master of law. Other courses that are provided for the ones who are seeking to learn the law are mentioned below.

  • Graduate diploma in law- this course is specifically created for graduates who need to change their stream after they have completed a course unrelated to law.
  • Law practice course- To become a qualified solicitor you have to complete this program. It is the end stage of a law student who has completed their course.  
  • Bar professional training course- It is a postgraduate course that provides graduate law students to work as barristers in England and Wales.  
  • Qualified lawyer transfer scheme

Benefits of studying law in the UK

There are various advantages to studying law in the UK. The main benefits of pursuing law in the UK are mentioned below.

Short time period- Compared to other places like Canada or USA, law studies in the UK can be completed in a short period of time. 

Free healthcare access– The unique specialty of the education system is that they provide free access to healthcare to students who are learning varied courses in the UK through national health services.

The internationally recognized law courses– Having graduated from the top universities that provide law programs can land you global career opportunities. The law courses in the UK provide global recognition which can secure you reputed positions in huge companies.

Law degree specialization

Let us go through some of the specializations that you can practice

Constitutional law

It refers to the rights that are included in state and federal constitutions. In this most of the laws are created from the rulings of the federal and supreme courts.

Business law

It is also known as Commercial law includes the body of law that describe the rules and rights whether by agreement or convention or anything between people in a commercial area.

Health care law

It includes federal, local, and state laws and rules dealing with prospects of health care that involve the caretaker’s practice and the overall rights of the patients.

Admiralty law

Also known as maritime law which combines jurisdiction of maritime, arrest, connections, sale, and other factors related to private maritime disputes.

Intellectual property law

This is a law that includes laws combining the protection and enforcement of the rights of creators and owners of the property like any works, designs, music, interventions, etc.

Corporate law

It combines the laws that are related to the rights, relations, conduct of organizations, and businesses.

Environmental law

It is a term and law connecting to various aspects of the law that combines the security of the environment.

Criminal law

These are the laws that are to defend the organization or an individual that is accused of a crime.

Requirements for studying law in the UK

Depending on the universities, requirements can be changed. There is a list of documents you have to submit as evidence for everything. 

If you are applying for an undergraduate course, you should provide,

  • English language proficiency score
  • Educational certificates from previous education
  • Certificate of grades from previous education  

The following requirements are to be provided for pursuing postgraduate law programs,

  • Undergraduate law degree certificates
  • CV
  • Language proficiency score
  • Grades and certificates of previous education
  • Experience certificate
  • Motivation letter

Career opportunities for law graduates

Okay, now let’s see what you can do after graduating with a law certificate. Here are some job opportunities you can seek after graduating with a law degree from the UK.

  • Legal analyst
  • Civil lawyer
  • Legal advisor
  • Corporate lawyer
  • Law journalist
  • Professional law counselor
  • Law professor

A wide variety of opportunities and career options are right in front of you after you complete the law program from a reputed university or college in the UK. So if you have any queries on abroad education, contact Study Abroad Consultants In Kerala to find you colleges and universities to opt for the ample program.

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