Signs You Are Suffering From A Terrible Hangover.

Headache, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness are widespread side effects of having too many drinks the night before. Most of us have been through this problem. However, some of us experience worst hangover symptoms compared to others. Are you someone who has to put through a nasty hangover? Do you find yourself closed off or bedridden for one entire day after drinking? Or two days? Are you wholly unproductive and useless the next day?

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If you check any of the above points, there are probably a few reasons. Here are four symptoms that you have a horrible hangover, the science behind them, and what you can do to avoid suffering through the same again.

Two Days Hangover

If you are suffering from symptoms of a hangover for more than 24 hours, you need help. The duration of your hangover may be related to the amount of alcohol you have consumed or the type of alcohol you’ve finished. Alcohol that contains more congeners causes more hangover symptoms. The solution would be to have a hangover cure by your bedside the following day. For this, you should use a rehydration sachets hangover. Rehydration sachets contain electrolytes. Thus, empty the bag in water and drink it up. They will help stabilize your electrolyte and water levels in the body. The sooner the electrolyte levels get balanced, the sooner the symptoms of a hangover will fade.

Stuck All Day In The Bed

If you get stuck in bed for a period of 12 to 24 hours, it is more than a regular hangover. If you struggle to get moving after your night out, you may be suffering from sleep deprivation. This is because alcohol affects the circadian rhythm of humans. Your circadian rhythm is responsible for regulating how you would respond to the setting and rising of the sun. Alcohol can severely impair these responses and affect the circadian rhythm.

If you are powering through such a problem, stop drinking earlier and go to bed at your average time. Furthermore, open the curtains at night itself so that the light can seep in with the sun’s rising in the morning. You may wake up earlier, but it will help keep your circadian rhythm on the right path.

Splitting Migraine The Next Day

If you wake up the next day with a migraine causing nausea or light sensitivity, you are suffering from the worst form of hangover. Alcohol acts as a migraine trigger. If you suffer from migraine every time you drink alcohol, you should skip wines and limit yourself to other drinks. Light-colored liquors cause less hangover due to fewer congeners present.

 Can’t Sleep After Drinking

If you are struggling to sleep after drinking, you should prevent the hangover symptoms from occurring. For this, you can use electrolyte powder and take it in between your drinks. This will contain your body from losing too many classic push-ups electrolytes and keep you from facing the worst symptoms of a hangover.

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