Should I buy Bitcoin now

Know here, the life of the bitcoin investor. If you’re participating in bitcoin or must thought something like it I’m almost to get your life noticeably less routine.

Here I will show off you just how much bitcoin is worth? Why it can be fall further but why you should buy right now. We are discussing bitcoin investing. Bitcoin is getting millionaires.

ten-thousand-dollar asset in bitcoin five centuries ago would be value over six hundred thousand dollars and that similar quantity in Ethereum would to made 1.8 million dollars smooth for more new investors the value of bitcoin has triplicated over the last year and Ethereum is awake 10 times your money today. Those of you in the country know I haven’t forever been a big bitcoin believer.

Cryptos that i bought here today and i bought five different securities or five different ticker symbols. It’s really three different cryptos so I’ll explain that because two of them are crypto proxies they’re in the stock market and then three are straight up cryptos. So, I’m going to explain that explain what’s happening in the market first why. We are seeing a dip and i already kind of touched on that in my last. so I just want to give a brief reminder to people why we’re seeing that also why I’m so bullish right now some new numbers that have come out and then again, why I’m buying what I’m buying.

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Here today and where I think we can move here in the short term so if you guys don’t mind hitting the like button, I really appreciate that hit subscribe let’s see if we can get up to a thousand. I would really appreciate that while you’re down there too there is a link down there to block.

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Fight again interest rate from your cryptos and there’s a link down to the patron to see exactly what I’m buying. So, if you want to get this information several hours earlier actually i put out some of this last night to my patreon. you could get that information earlier. so why is bitcoin why being ethereum why is the whole market really dropping right.

Now and let’s look so first of all I have said this uh since yesterday right the leverage was really high in the market. So, whenever there’s high leverage of course the whales want to dump so that way everyone that’s on leverage that’s borrowing money they get liquidated if they’re being leveraged too highly and then people can buy back in at a lower

number now yesterday and this morning I talked about how i said that we could hit that fifty-seven-thousand-dollar range.

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Now we are sitting around 59 000 it seems like the market is kind of gobbling up these dips right now a lot of money still going into shiva with the dead all-time highs but a lot of people. The looking to get into crypto so with that in mind yes we still have a dip and of Visit The Site: mediafire

course the fear uncertainty and doubt is coming out today. It’s it’s funny how there’s been no bad news up until this point but now uh according to fortune whoever’s writing this seen Tully every only bitcoin deal even selling a latte expends over a one hundred dollars in energy says a new statement. Just not true also we have this uh the bitcoin china crackdown will kill most of the green mining will fossil fuels fill this void unbelievable right this guy he’s bringing so much fear uncertainty and out i don’t know who’s lining his pockets of course i would never say that that’s happening you know who knows but it seems a little bit odd that uh that we’re waiting until today when the market dips for fear uncertainty and doubt to come out right so don’t be scared right now i’m actually really bullish.

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