Jumps, sprints and hurdles

Track-and-field competition includes a number of events of short duration that rely primarily on the development of power through anaerobic energy. Some can be traced back to the ancient Olympics, and the idea of being the ‘swiftest or highest’ has always commanded great interest. The 100-m sprint is generally considered the blue-ribbon event of track and field, with all eyes focused on the ‘fastest man on earth’. Other sprint events at Olympic-level competition are the 200-m and 400-m, as well as 4 × 100-m and 4 × 400-m relay events.


At school and club level, many athletes will not train specifically during the off-season. Many sprinters and jumpers are involved with other sports or study, and turn their attention to athletics only a month before the start of the inter-club season. During the competition season they may train three or four evenings a week and compete on the weekend. If you want to buy various kinds of motorized bicycle then you can check out this site motorized bicycle.


The competitive season usually spans five to six months over the summer. Sprinters and jumpers can compete regularly at weekend or mid-week inter-club meets during the season but usually target three to six special events. Elite athletes who wish to compete at home as well as overseas must be ready for an additional season and the need to work towards double or even triple peaks in their preparation.

There was barely time to warm up for the 100-m final, let alone get to the amenities block on the other side of the sports ground to find a tap. She ran, feeling tired and with a dull headache. She finished the day with a third place in the relay event—small comfort for the hours of training she had completed over the past three months. Read More About: foumovie


With a win and a personal best in the long jump under her belt, Grace started her warm-up for the 100-m final and followed up soon after with her second gold medal for the day. With just over an hour before the relay event, there was little time to eat solid food. Feeling a little empty,

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