5 Tips for Planning a Great Movie Date

Movie theaters are the best places for the first date. Today it is common to have a date or meeting in front of the big screen, there are even dating applications that make it easy to meet people and plan an outing with someone at any time, without having to leave home. 

Single and divorced people are encouraged to have a good time, look for possible partners, have friends, or have fun with an occasional affair from the different dating applications. In this article, we leave you 8 cinema tips so that you can be successful on your date. 

Select a good movie

Look first at the listings of available movies; choose an action movie or a funny comedy to enjoy the moment at a cinema near me. Avoid feature films with explicit sex scenes because they could make you uncomfortable, nor do you necessarily have to choose a deep, sentimental, or romantic film on the first date.

Romantic movies are more recommended when you are in a stage of the relationship in which affection and romance predominate. 

Don’t expect too much 

Anything can happen on the first date, including being dumped without any explanation. Do not expect everything to work as you have imagined, let everything flow naturally and without pressure. 

Don’t try to follow the script set in your mind either, rather take the situation calmly and without waiting too long on your first movie outing with that person, so you avoid disappointment. The romantic comedy film ‘500 Days Together’, directed by Marc Webb, reflects the difference between what you expect to happen and what actually happens. 

Plan with your group

One way to break the ice when dating someone you know very little about is to plan your date with a group of friends. Group dates can be very entertaining because the tensions that the first date in the cinema generates are reduced. 

Of course, always pay special attention to the person who is next to you, focus your interest and encouragement on the person you are going out with, not on your friends.

Stay cool

You may feel a little nervous on the first date at the movies, but you must control yourself and act completely natural and serene. Unexpected setbacks may arise, keep your smile and focus on your companion. Behave like Odile ( Anna Karina ), the protagonist of the French film ˈBand apartˈ, acting calmly in moments of great tension.

Stay connected at the end of the movie

Ask her for her point of view on the movie, how she thought about the ending or a particular scene. It is important that you also express your opinion and propose to extend the date, for example: eat and drink something in a cafe to talk or share more time. 

You can also plan a new date, whether it’s to see another movie, visit a museum, dine in a restaurant or go to the beach. At the time of farewell, thank her company in a friendly way; observe her gestures to detect if she really enjoyed the outing. Depending on her attitude you can say goodbye with a sincere handshake, a kiss on the cheek, or a hug. Remember that a date can go well or go wrong; you must be prepared for any outcome. Don’t be discouraged if it didn’t work the first time, there will be more dates in the future.

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