How Do We Care For the Knotted Curly Hair Wigs?

1. Why Choose a Curly Hair Wig?

Most girls who love beauty know that curly hair is one of the most popular human hair hairstyles. Why do people prefer curly hair?

Curly hair is very fashion and natural.

Curly hair is more fuller and thicker, a lot of different hair styling can be made with curly hair.

Curly hair can be dyed for more natural and beautiful.

2. Why the Curly Hair Need Care For Regularly?

There is no doubt that a girl with curly hair is really beautiful. In most cases, you cannot comb your hair with a normal comb if your hair is curly, you also cannot comb your hair very frequently, because combing can easily change the texture of curls and loosen the curls, so the curly wigs are always easy to knot which is the most annoying thing that people with curly hair always meet.

  1. How Do We Care For the Knotted Curly Hair Wigs?

About Hair Washing

Normally, curly hair is cleaned with warm water once every 7-15 days.

It should be washed gently without rubbing hard.

Use supplementary products such as conditioner and shampoo for smoothing the hair.

Rap it in a towel and spray it with a special care solution after washing.

Hang it in a ventilated place for air-dry. Don’t expose it to the sun.

About Hair Combing

It is generally better to choose a width tooth comb.

Diagonal combing, not straight combing, and the action should be light.

Layer the long hair and comb it layer by layer.

About Hair Storage

spray a little hair oil for washed wigs.

After the human hair wig is completely air-dried, the washed wig needs to be covered with a hairnet.

The wig needs to be placed in a sealable bag with good air permeability (the bag needs to have a small round hole), if there is no such a bag, you can also put it in an ordinary plastic bag, use a needle to pierce a few holes on the bag, and store it in a dry place.

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