Fraudulent Manipulation of Bank Statements in Electronic Format

How is this possible? There are several ways to make your PDF files more secure, but the biggest problem is that the way people manipulate these files is relatively easy to spot. Here are some ways to spot manipulated PDFs:

How Portable Document Format Files Are Mani?

Bank statements in electronic format are prone to fraudsters’ manipulation. It’s not difficult to alter the content of a PDF file using a piece of software, such as Adobe Acrobat Pro. A common practice of embezzlement involves a change of payee on an employee’s bank account. Fraudsters can change the payee’s name and the amount of money deposited in a bank account by changing the name on the file.

The most secure PDF files limit editing, combining several files, extracting pages, copying text, and printing. Financial institutions rarely limit the printing of their statements. However, if a person is smart enough, he can manipulate the contents of a PDF file. The attacker can display the IBAN and fraudulently transfer funds by altering the file’s contents. While most banks don’t restrict PDF editing, it’s possible to break the password protection and even modify fonts.

How to Make PDFs More Secure?

Bank statements and credit card statements are frequently downloaded in PDF format from the bank’s website. The move toward paperless companies encourages people to save and share documents electronically. But some statements are altered using software that cracks open the PDF files. The editing tools are used to change amounts, dates, and descriptions. Once changed, the file is then converted back to PDF format. That’s when the fraud occurs and make a fake bank statement.

Fraudsters can easily edit PDF files, but telling what changed is complicated. This means that it’s impossible to spot the changes unless you have the original bank statement. The most effective way to protect yourself from this problem is to create a secure document with Adobe Acrobat Pro software. You can also use screen capture software to edit the files. However, it would be best to consider the risks involved with modifying bank statements in PDF format.

How to Recognize Manipulation?

In today’s digital world, the ability to manipulate bank records is more prevalent than ever. Thanks to programs like Adobe Acrobat Pro, people can easily manipulate bank statements. Embezzlement can be easy, and employees can easily change the payee name. In addition, it’s easy to manipulate bank statements electronically, which makes them ideal for fraudulent manipulation. Therefore, it’s essential to recognize the signs of fraudulent manipulation in bank statements, whether printed or in electronic form.

The first sign to look for in bank statements is inconsistency. Major and minor inconsistencies are red flags. The font type and elements on the statement should match other documents from the same bank. Additionally, the bank’s logo should be high-resolution, readable, and match the logo on the bank’s website. If they don’t, you should question whether the bank statement is genuine.More Info About Exipure

One way to spot a fake bank statement is by checking its figures. Fraudsters don’t check the numbers. So, if you don’t have automated verification, you should check your bank statement manually. Round figures are a red flag for fraudulent manipulation. If the figures are off by a few cents, it’s a sign of fraud. So, be wary of fake bank statements.

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