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Flooring Designs to Adapt in Your Homes this 2022

Gone are the days of yellow stained wooden floors. Remember a few years back when the honey blonde was the in-color theme inside many homes. This is just one style you would NOT want anymore for it’s making homes look so dated.

Choosing the flooring design is crucial. It could be the massive grey pace that would first greet your guests entering homes. So better plan and decide wisely what material you will use and what style to use on the floors.

Just a head start for today’s list, here are a few interior and home designs that SHOULD NOT recur in your homes. Take your LAST look, and have them reinvented with a new perspective:

  • Tuscan theme – tone down the Tuscan instead. You may want to strip down the limewash on the walls and translate the style on the floors not to overwhelm the place.
  • All white theme 0 do not use too much color or colors. You may maintain white but as accents.
  • Ornate metallics – ornate metallics surely look old. You can minimize the style by using them as decor and not furniture.
  • High gloss finished floors – what’s in today is a matte finish.

More of the newest methods to style the floors will be discussed as you read.

Design Themes to Translate on your Floors at Home

1- Warm Minimalist Move

Minimalism is here to stay. This style trend has grown into a movement in the world of design.

But now it’s 2022. There’s a slight update with this move that you want to catch on to—ever heard of warm tone minimalism? Minimalism began with palettes of neutrals, grey-black, and white as a style trend.

Now, with a cozier preference from clients, homeowners want a touch of warmth in their properties.

To give you a quick view of how this goes, here are a few key features to include when opting for this style for your floors:

  • Use more concrete floorings, reveal the grey slabs
  • Accent the floors with warm monotone and muted colored carpet and mats
  • Use more linear lines and angles in your interiors
  • Choose furniture with a clean and straight outline
  • Open up big windows to let natural warmth from the sunlight in

2- Grey Stained Concrete

Staining concrete interior floors had been around for a century, and it is one of those which pioneered decorative concrete. Stained floors often have a high gloss burgundy look, fitting for vintage homes and historical properties with creased floors. The idea of staining came from waxing that makes an opulent floor.

But now, staining, too, has gone a long way, evolving how it produces unfading floors.

Black and grey stained floors are the trends now, and it looks perfect for the utilitarian-industrial style. What has evolved as well is the way installers finish the stoned concrete.

Right now, a matte look has been earning more favors from many clients and homeowners.

What does not change is how beneficial stained floors are. According to concrete restoration, Los Angeles experts the stained concrete’s benefits do not age. Here are your takeaways from the pros:

  • Visually polishes and seamless floors
  • Luxury floors within the budget
  • Slip and stain resistance
  • Easy to clean
  • Practical and timeless floors

3- Would Go for Wood

There will also be more wood that you will see this 2022. For those who got wooden floors at home, here are some ways to erase the trace of outdated honey blonde stained floors.

  • Bleach wood – this style shows a softer look of wood. The material is acid stained or washed with bleach to erase the colors of pigment the wood has absorbed.
  • Aged wood – opposite of the bleached wood is the aged wood. The vintage look can add a new vibe to your homes when you apply it to the floors.

Aged wood is warmer, richer, and adds depth to your homes. This would also suit the number one theme mentioned above with warm minimalism.


When redesigning the homes, make sure you do what pleases. Whatever trend or fad emerges today, if it does not fit your taste, then you will only end up changing your interior styles after a month. So, choose what would make you feel love for your homes beyond this year.

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