Employers Association of Hong Kong

With its central location in the Asia-Pacific region and well-established international business community, Hong Kong presents a wide range of commercial prospects. Even though breaking into this industry might result in substantial profits, it can also be expensive and time-consuming. Our PEO services make sure that you may start working right away, without difficulty, and in accordance with Hong Kong law.

The service sector is crucial to Hong Kong’s economy, with financial services and tourism being two thriving industries. Due to the presence of numerous top international firms in e-commerce, fintech, and software development, Hong Kong has developed into a hub for start-ups and multinational corporations. Due to its highly developed economy, Hong Kong is a desirable country that can provide your firm with many opportunities for success. economy with a free market and a reputation for low tax rates.

What is the role of a PEO  Hong Kong?

A PEO can help you begin growing internationally. Working with a PEO in Hong Kong allows you to launch your business quickly without having to create a legal entity and deal with the associated paperwork and tax filings.

At Bradford Jacobs, we made it our mission to become experts in Hong Kong payroll, taxes, labor regulations, and other local legislation. Using our tools, business can easily and affordably begin your global expansion.

We can provide experienced support for payroll, tax, HR, and compliance issues as your activities expand and your team solidifies.

If you want to attract new international talent for your company rapidly, With our help, you are prepared to begin your global success. We uncover talent at all levels that suits your needs and tastes through our connections and network. Without needing to establish a branch there, your new employee can assist your company in Hong Kong in a matter of days as opposed to months. The most crucial thing is that we make sure your company complies with all laws and regulations because breaking them might result in costly fines. One of our Hong Kong agencies will hire your top choice, who will continue to work under your daily supervision.

How to Use Global PEO

We understand how special your company is. You require a solution that supports your global aspirations, objectives, and business plan. Our PEO understands that no two companies are the same. services provide customized solutions and a consultative approach.

Your Employer (EOR) Company has a PEO affiliation. This company might hire your new employee. You can manage your staff on-site with the aid of his EOR company in Hong Kong without worrying about Human Resources (HR), taxes, payroll, hiring, or keeping up with changes in regional legislation and employment norms. The EOR is solely responsible for these duties.

We draft the contract between you and Bradford Jacobs and sign it when you hire us as a PEO. You must sign it, please.

The daily tasks and actions of the new employee are completely under your control. We are the employers of your employees, but they also work for your business as your group. We want to send our present personnel there or look for new talent there.

When a candidate is elected, Bradford Jacobs will represent him and work out of his Hong Kong office. Along with the necessary visas and work permits, he makes sure that all employment contracts, payroll, personnel, and tax rules are followed.

Without the risk, bother, or expense of establishing your own subsidiary, your business may swiftly gain a competitive edge in new markets throughout the world.

You are in charge of daily management; we take care of all employee employment registration requirements. Employees are informed about eligibility, benefits, and leave policies by our advisors.

All completed time sheets and signed declarations are turned in by the employee. You’ll receive an invoice from us. Following receipt of the money, The government charge is subtracted, and the leftover funds are transferred to the employee’s account.

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