Ecopayz Online Casinos [2022]

EcoPayz is a globally recognized electronic wallet that provides a wide range of financial services to users. Not only does it provide all the features of a traditional e-wallet, but you can also withdraw funds through the popular prepaid debit card ecoCard. Customers use their accounts to send money to family and friends, pay online merchants (such as virtual casinos), and withdraw funds using prepaid debit cards. EcoPayz has been around since 1999. Headquartered in the United Kingdom. This payment solution is not available to US players.

What services does ecoPayz offer?

The ecoAccount – This is a private online account that will allow you to transfer money to a third party (or receive money from a third party) in no less than 45 currencies, wherever you are in the world. You can fund your account with the payment solution of your choice. This will allow you to carry out your transactional movements without having to enter confidential information such as your bank account details. In fact, you don’t even need to have a bank account to transfer funds to your ecoAccount.

Ecopayz – When you create an ecoAccount you are free to order the ecoCard. We will send it by post. You can use your eco Account to deposit money there and use it to fund your online casino player account. エコペズ is popular because it does not require a bank account. At the same time it is not a matter of credit checks. You can use it where MasterCard is available. Alternatively, you have the option to do three commands. The first is the euro, the second is the pound and the third is the US dollar. You can not write the card because you can only use the credited funds. For those who find the game difficult to use with moderation, this is a way to let them manage their budget at all times of the game.

EcoVirtualcard – This is a one-time payment card that you can order from your ecoAccount. It is published immediately and can be used online or by phone. It will expire after use. In addition, it can consist of euros, pound sterling, or US dollars.

How does EcoPayz work?

To make a deposit (or receive the winnings accumulated there) on a player account at an online casino, you must first create an account. The process is very quick. You will need to select a username and password and provide some personal information. You can use a variety of payment options to fund your account. This includes bank transfers, debit and credit cards, or electronic checks in particular. Check the list of ecoPayz partners on the official website to make sure your preferred payment method is available.

If you want to collect your winnings, just select ecoPayz on the payment page of the online casino and specify the amount you want to withdraw. The amount in question will be credited to the ecoAccount. The casino does not charge a withdrawal fee, but there are still fees associated with the use of ecoPayz, the importance of which depends on the level of the subscribing account.

EcoPayz account level and related charges

There are five levels of エゴペイズ accounts available: Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP. You can register for each of these levels for free. The characteristics of the services offered and the associated charges will vary depending on the level of your account. The higher the account level, the greater the benefits associated with it. On the other hand, as the account level goes up, the fees go down.

Because your ‘ecoAccount Classic’ account will not allow you to transfer money from your eco Account to your bank account, finance another ecoAccount, or make account-to-account transfers, we strongly recommend that you provide supporting documents for your subscription. do not need to give yourself to them. for the ‘Silver’ account. Specifically, you will need to produce a bank account statement, a hard copy of your passport, and proof of address in the form of an invoice. Deposits on your account will be refunds that will be between 0-7%. It will fluctuate between 1.69 and 2.90% for credit card deposits. Withdrawals made from a bank account will cost you between € 2.90 and € 10.

If you are in the top gaming category, you should not forget that your eco Account is governed by data limits. If you would like more information on the specific limits of each financial option, you should consult their official website as this varies depending on your preferred payment method. On the other hand, the monetary limits for your player account are set at € 10,000 per transaction, regardless of your account level. Daily limits are between € 15,000 and € 30,000.

What is the warehousing and withdrawal process time with ecoPayz?

The processing time will depend on the finance option you choose to finance your account, some are faster than others. Transactions made with credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard are processed immediately while those made by wire transfer or another alternative route may take several days.

EcoPayz Customer Service

If you have problems using your ecoPayz account, you have several options. If you are in the middle of a transaction and want to fix a problem out of the box immediately, go to the ecoPayz official website and talk to a customer support cell member online. You can also send your request to them by filling out the contact form which they will be happy to respond to. If you have a general question about how ecoPayz works, you can also look at their ‘Very Very Very Very Frequently Asked Questions.

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