Divorce procedure you must know in Birmingham.

You should never start the divorce procedure in Birmingham without consulting with an attorney. You may learn more about divorce laws, your rights and alternatives in the divorce, and methods to get the best possible outcome by speaking with a Birmingham contested divorce attorney before making any decisions or filing any forms.

Divorce Procedures

It is time to get started after you have decided whether you want a contested or uncontested divorce and the grounds for your divorce.


The filing of a divorce petition is the first official step. To ensure that you file in the correct county, speak with a divorce lawyer in Hoover, AL or nearby. You should submit your divorce complaint in the county where you live, though you can also file in the county where your spouse lives.

Making an appearance in court

You might expect to appear in court after filing for divorce. Multiple hearings will almost certainly be required as part of your divorce, some of which you must attend and others during which an attorney can represent you.


After the initial filing, you and your spouse’s counsel may participate in discovery. During this stage of the divorce process, both parties request and exchange information. This is crucial if you suspect your spouse to lie about their income or concealing assets. You can get a thorough picture of your spouse’s financial condition and the marital estate through the discovery process. This is also an excellent opportunity to discuss asset protection in divorce with your lawyer. You may have assets that you assume are solely yours and not included in the marital estate, and we’ll make an effort to keep them distinct.

Getting to the Roots of the Problem

On the surface, divorce is about the dissolution of a marriage, and it becomes a lot more than that in reality and in court. During an Alabama divorce, you and your husband must decide on various particular matters or have them fixed by a judge. The following are important issues that must be resolved or argued during a divorce:

 -Identifying which assets and liabilities are included in the marital estate;

 -Dividing the assets and debts of the couple;

-Obtaining a QDRO for a pension or retirement plan;

-Choosing child custody and visitation schedules;

-Creating a child support system; and

-Whether or not alimony is necessary, and if so, how much and for how long.


You and your husband may be able to discuss all of the particular concerns in your divorce amicably, allowing you to create your divorce settlement. With the help of an experienced divorce lawyer, you can rest assured that your divorce settlement will include all you require.

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