Best Weapons in PUBG Mobile

If you’re looking for a new way to experience battle royale games, you should try the Battle Royale Edition of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The game features many weapons that players can use, from basic pistols to high-powered shotguns and fan-favorite assault rifles. Let’s take a look at the best weapons for each category. These weapons will help you increase your win rates.

In order to get chicken dinner in PUBG Mobile you need to have skills, and a lot of firepower. The game is full of weaponry, from basic handguns to the more powerful rifles. You’ve got a wide variety of tools to choose from in this post.

Best Assault Rifles


The AKM comes in first on our list of the best AR. This gun fires 7.62mm rounds and has a high base damage rating. The AKM, which is widely available across the map, is used by many players. It becomes a meaner, deadlier killing machine when equipped with a scope and a good grip. The AKM is best for short to mid-range gunfights and is a legend in its own right.


5.56mm rounds are fired by the M416 as well as GROZA. With its excellent range, decent mag size, and the most attachments (especially a stock) of any AR, it is considered one of the best all-rounder weapons in the game. The M416’s outstanding damage balance and low recoil make it even more effective. Overall, we like how it has a fully automatic mode and high spawn and fire rates.

Best Sniper Rifle


The AWM is without a doubt the best sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile. This sniping monster is only available through airdrops, but once you have it, you can easily one-shot your enemies to death. The AWM fires a one-of-a-kind. It can easily be paired with an 8x scope to hunt down distant foes while firing 300 magnum rounds. It does so much damage that even a level 3 helmet won’t save you.

Best Marksman Rifles (DMRs)


The MK14 EBR, another airdrop exclusive, makes our list due to its massive damage output. Consider it a slightly better SKS option. Players who manage to get their hands on this mean machine, which is equipped with 7.62mm ammo, can take advantage of its quick-firing capability and switch to fully automatic mode.

Mini 14

The fact that this gun is called a’mini’ should not be taken lightly. The Mini 14 is built for versatility; it has multiple fire modes, a high rate of fire, is ideal for close to mid-range combat, and can be used for long-range shooting with an 8x scope. Its lethality isn’t as high as other rifles, but its versatility more than makes up for it.

Best Submachine Guns (SMGs)


The main reason for Vector’s inclusion in this list is that it provides players with a high level of trust. With its deadly rate of fire, you can spray bullets over your enemies from a close range, giving you the upper hand. It has low recoil and can be used in mid-range combat with a 2x scope. Multiple attachments, such as a good grip and an extended magazine, can help Vector reach its full potential.


King of the SMGs? The UMP45 makes a clear case for the title with its superior base damage and high rate of fire to give several ARs a run for their money. Players (both new and vets) can use the gun’s stable recoil to achieve more accurate shooting. Get a 4x scope to make it a devastating mid-range pick.

Best Shotguns


What makes you think you’re the king of the SMGs? With its superior base damage and high rate of fire, the UMP45 makes a strong case for the title, giving several ARs a run for their money. The gun’s stable recoil can be used by new and experienced players to achieve more accurate shooting. Add a 4x scope to make it a lethal mid-range weapon.


The lethal punch of this double-barrelled shotgun leaves no room for close-range survivors. If users shoot accurately, they will see bodies fall to the ground. Its dual-shot feature (which fires two bullets in rapid succession) is also a great way to take out enemies.

Best Light Machine Gun (LMG)


The MG3 is the best in class among the few weapons in this category. It has two firing modes and is simple to operate. It may be a large weapon, but it is capable of completing tasks. The attached bipod aids in the weapon’s stability.

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