The Wondrously Diverse Nature Of Eucalyptus Oil

There are some impressive essentials on the market, each carrying a certain profile, scent, and utility for the everyday user and enjoyer – none have a more true-blue appeal than eucalyptus oil. The extract is one of the more popular and world-renowned, being famous for its potent scent profile, intriguing history, and sheer variety of utilities.

While there is a natural association between Eucalyptus oil and Australia. This is partly thanks to the Australian-native trees that it is dominantly derived from and the topical association with the plant matter being the source of nutrition for Koala bears. The world has adopted the extract and tree species in order to keep up with the impressive demand of users and enthusiasts of eucalyptus oil, as such, we’re seeing more and more plantations and occurrences of the plant species appearing around the globe.

There is an interesting history of the plant, its properties, and the wide variety of options available. This article will break down some of the more impressive feats and anecdotal evidence of eucalyptus oil, as well as a few common uses for the product.

A Unique History

Some extracts can date their uses from before any sense of modernity was established, lavender for example has histories that date back to Ancient Egypt, eucalyptus oil has an equally historic significance for indigenous communities and first colonisers to the country.

Native aboriginal cultures of Australia were already well aware of the medicinal and beneficial super properties of Eucalyptus oil, supposedly using the extract to treat chest ailments. Upon arrival to Australia in the first fleet, there were rumblings that the extract had a similarity in scent profile to English peppermint. Surgeon-General John White had documented the remarkable observations about the healing properties of the extract in various journals and it is believed that he began using the extract to treat wounds on his ship.

The mass distillation and eventual marketplace didn’t begin to gain traction however until a few decades later thanks to a pharmacist named Joseph Bosisto who is believed to be responsible for studying eucalyptus oil a little deeper and opening the first commercial distillery for the product, the company is still manufacturing it to this very day.

As rumour began to spread and more of the scientific and medical communities began running studies on the extract, more and more countries wanted to adopt the species of plants and thus, a worldwide phenomenon was born.

The Attractive Properties

Besides the obvious attraction of eucalyptus oil, the scent, there are some interesting things happening on a chemical level when it comes to the extract. There’s likely a product or two in your kitchen or bathroom that contain some form of the extract, without you even realising. While we could spout on all day about the individual compounds that make up this remarkable extract, the star of the show is cineole aka eucalyptol.

Cineole is the crucial aspect of eucalyptus oil that is a major proponent for the unique scent and medical claims that serve as the base of the extracts appeal. Many studies have showcased the benefits that this compound provides in an antiseptic, aromatherapeutic, insecticidal, etc. capacities. The anecdotal and historical references to the extract being useful in alleviating certain respiratory ailments can be principally linked to the presence of cineole compounds.

Safety Precautions

One should be aware of the acute potency of eucalyptus oil (along with a variety of pure essentials) and should approach experimentation with understanding and awareness. Direct ingestion without dilution can lead to severe reactions, so always ensure you’re handling the substance with this in mind.

Variety Of Uses

Now we get to the fun part, the experimentation and presence of eucalyptus oil in the surprising number of products that occur in our everyday lives. Throughout we’ll also be noting a few ideas that you can try for yourself with the help of the extract.

Skincare/Mouthcare Regimens

There are a number of beauty lines that have adopted essential extracts to naturally fragrance their products. Eucalyptus has a telltale scent that is quite engrossing and attractive for a lot of people, as such, smaller amounts of the extract have been found in a variety of skin care lotions and products to allow the natural fragrant profile to stand out.

Of course, we cannot talk about skincare products and eucalyptus oil without mentioning one of the more famous examples – Vick’s. This classic VapoRub is renowned and likely hiding somewhere in your medicine cabinet or bedside table, being known for its scent profile and potential alleviation of cold and flu symptoms for generations.

Certain mouthwashes have a very diluted amount of eucalyptus oil as an active ingredient as well, thanks to the antibacterial properties that have been derived from researchers of the extract. The breath freshening aspect should not be overlooked either, while most associate mint with the idea of fresh breath, we should spare a thought for the true-blue alternatives.


Not only is eucalyptus oil sensationally popular in skincare and mouthcare contexts, but there is also something to be said for the tried-and-true purveyors of aromatherapy and the various mixes that have allowed fragrant and natural scents to fill offices and homes around the world. While some mix and match eucalyptus oil with certain carriers and additional extracts like lavender or rosemary – the use of eucalyptus oil on its own has been established as a uniquely fragrant experience.

This is particularly present for those who wish to use a diffuser or even a classic method of adding a drop or two to hot water and letting the beautifully potent fragrance cascade a room and give a loosening experience. Many people use aromatherapeutic methods to give their headspace a healthy and natural tune up, with many using the aromatic methods in their meditation spaces as a means of promoting a calm and soothed mindset.

Insect Repellants

If you check your cleaning cupboard, you’ll almost certainly find a floor cleaner or bug repellant that contains eucalyptus oil in some respect. This has always been anecdotally believed to be a wholesome natural alternative to traditional chemical cleaners and bug sprays. Numerous studies have been conducted with the expressed goal of determining the properties of certain natural products like eucalyptus oil and their features.

The increased resistance of common household pests is not as much of a factor for more natural pesticides and is overall much better smelling and less potently chemical than the canned products, allowing the home to be a little less bugged, and a lot more pleasant in aroma.

For You

Buying eucalyptus oil from a wholesaler is the first and best step in starting your journey into the wild world of natural extracts. Adding a few drops to your diffuser, or even crafting your own natural bug repelling system would be a great start and allow you to play around with different combinations of natural scents and profiles.

Eucalyptus oil is one of the shining stars of the essential world, being a potent, diversified, and historically useful extract that is showing no signs of slowing down. It may have its roots in Australia, but eucalyptus oil is now famous and grown around the world. Buy some eucalyptus oil for yourself and see what new concoctions you derive.

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