Shroom Dispensaries Growing Everywhere, Even on Social Media

Shroom dispensaries are everywhere in Canada. They do not discreetly hide even though psilocybin-containing compounds are illegal. You can find shroom dispensaries advertising them on their storefront.

However, selling shrooms in physical shops is not the only option for buying magic mushrooms. When you search magic mushrooms in Canada, you can find websites offering different shroom products. There are edibles, dried and fresh mushrooms, spores, etc.

Magic mushroom stores are growing everywhere. Why is this so?

Are Shroom Dispensaries Legal?

The hype about using magic mushrooms is one of the main reasons shroom dispensaries are everywhere. It became accessible but discreetly for buyers.

People support the decriminalization of using Psilocybin since science has proven its potential benefits for mental health disorders. In addition, healthy individuals experience the positive effects of magic mushrooms in small doses. However, the latter has no study to back up its claim; most are survey answers by microdosers.

In 2022, Health Canada approved the claim that Psilocybin can be a beneficial treatment for drug-resistant depression and terminal illnesses. However, patients need to meet strict criteria before having the treatment.

However, for recreational or microdosing, the law still considers it illegal. So, no one can sell, buy, or distribute magic mushrooms to anyone except spore kits.

Despite the law, you can buy your shrooms even without a prescription.

Magic Mushrooms’ Growing in Social Media

Social media is not what we used to know. It’s more than a photo or video-sharing application. It has become a place where you can shop and advertise.

Magic mushroom is not immune to changes in social media. It has become a place where some sell drugs or illegal substances.

Here are some experiences of people who tried to purchase magic mushrooms on social media.

A buyer from Orange county found themselves out of shrooms in their neighbourhood and decided to purchase on Instagram. They sent a message and made a deal with one of their followers, who was a veteran with PTSD going under magic mushroom treatment. They paid $300 without knowing if they were scammed or if a package would arrive.

After a week, they received a package with an ounce of Golden Teachers wrapped in a black trash bag.

In another story, someone saw four sponsored posts on social media promoting Psilocybin. Platforms like Facebook showed an ad by “Amy” posting for some magic mushroom company. The person didn’t mention if they tried to buy a shroom.

Buyers’ experiences show that shrooms and other drugs are rampant on social media. Even though the platform is against selling illegal drugs, some businesses or dealers can reach possible customers.

They use VPN, Tor, and other tools to mask their IP addresses to ensure that the Drug Enforcement Administration cannot detect them. Furthermore, they do not communicate on social media messenger. Instead, they use an encrypted-messaging app like Whatsapp, Signal, or Telegram.

After communicating with their customers, they direct them to their online shop if they have any.

What About the Dark Web?

The dark web used to be where you could find drug dealers and illegal firearms. You can sell drugs on the dark web while being anonymous. The difference between selling on the dark web and social media is the amount of trust.

On the dark web, both the dealer and the buyer do not trust each other. But on social media, trust is immediately built.

Should I Buy on Social Media?

The issue with social media is the possibility of getting scammed. Since you will be communicating with an anonymous account or person, receiving your package is low.

Aside from scams, you can be easily tracked on social media since it does not have a message encryption feature.

A Movement to Legalize Magic Mushrooms

Before Cannabis legalization, selling weed was everywhere.

Dispensaries were not concealing the fact that they offered weed in their shops. Sellers have seen the increased demand and positive use of weed, so they didn’t hesitate to sell them.

With the help of science, the public, and weed dispensaries, Cannabis is now legal in Canada and some countries.

But what about magic mushrooms?

Shroom dispensaries are illegal, but you can see a lot of them on the streets of Vancouver. Dana Larsen was involved in selling Cannabis when it was unlawful. Now, he offers psilocybin products like microdoses and higher doses. Together with other dispensaries, he provides these psychedelic drugs hoping that the law will decriminalize them.

Even though illegal, the Vancouver Police Department does not focus much on those who sell Psilocybin. They are somewhat concerned about the distribution of harmful drugs like opioids.

In addition, no dispensaries can have a license to distribute the drug, but sellers are still offering magic mushrooms.

Why Do People Like Shrooms?

Magic mushroom is a psychedelic drug that makes the user hallucinate or alter the visual. But the experiences of each user are different. Some can get a calm, euphoric feeling, while others suffer from a bad trip.

Multiple factors can contribute to the effects of magic mushrooms – the amount of the drug and the user’s mindset.

In addition, magic mushrooms are a favourite of people with mental health issues. They have reported good results like reducing anxiety and depression.

Healthy individuals use magic mushrooms by taking small doses. Although there is no proven study, Microdoses have shown positive outcomes for individual users. Most report increasing mood, concentration and focus, high creativity, etc.

However, despite the positive feedback from users, some users still experience its adverse effects. Therefore, researchers must conduct more studies regarding the subject.

Where Can I Buy One?

Buying or selling magic mushrooms is illegal. But you can find shroom dispensaries online that offer high-quality mushrooms. You can check on a reputable online site with reviews to back up their claims.

As much as possible, avoid buying on social media, not unless the seller can direct you to their official website.


Social media has become the new dark web. There are shroom dispensaries or other drugs offered on these platforms. However, you won’t easily find them advertising themselves. So, if you are going to buy on social media, you can sometimes get scammed. The best option is to search online for positive reviews and high-quality products.

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