Prepaid Digital Mastercard: The Most Popular Incentive of the Corporate World

Whatever the occasion, from holidays to birthdays or incentives, the companies have numerous options to reward their employees, customers or clients. But only a digital prepaid Mastercard or a gift card can provide them with the power to purchase the reward they need. It may not be as obvious, but digital prepaid cards are becoming a popular choice among Australian businesses as people shift towards online consumerism. A survey shows that over 85.8% of Australians shop online. The number of online shoppers in Australia is reaching up to 22 million. Therefore, prepaid digital cards are the perfect incentives to motivate employees and maintain their commitment and satisfaction with the company. Reports by the Incentives Research Foundation shows an increased 33% prepaid card incentive over other cash rewards or products.

What Is a Digital Prepaid Mastercard?

Satisfied employees equal higher productivity, which expands company profitability. Digital Mastercard keeps the employees motivated as it acknowledges the work they do immediately via Email or SMS. It is the perfect market solution for commission, incentives, rewards and gifts in the corporate world.  

How Does it Work?

Using a prepaid digital card is convenient and straightforward, both for the presenter and the receiver. Companies can send it to the employee directly to their digital accounts or the contact number, and they would be ready to use. They can add the amount to their existing e-wallets or use them directly on retail websites. They can use the cards anywhere where prepaid cards are accepted. 

Different Types of Prepaid Cards to Suit All Needs

One card cannot meet all the employee incentive needs of all businesses. Therefore, Digital prepaid Mastercard is available in three types for companies to choose the best one for their reward scheme. They can either opt for a digital card or a physical card linked to the same account. It provides employees with the convenience of making in-store or online purchases anywhere.

Reloadable Digital Card

Companies that provide sales commission through prepaid cards can opt for a reloadable card. Depending on their company reward system, it allows them to reload the amount to the same card presented to the employee multiple times.

Single Load Card

It is the most opted digital card for independent occasions like thank you gifts, holiday incentives or tenure milestones.

Why Do Companies Prefer Digital Prepaid Mastercard?

They are one of the most convenient incentives to order, and the HR manager does not have to invest too much time in selecting them. They can buy prepaid cards of different amounts to suit incentive needs in bulk at the touch of a button. The pandemic rendered a large percentage of Australian employees to work remotely. Digital prepaid cards allowed the companies to provide incentives without breaking protocol. Companies also have numerous designs to choose from, and they can send cards with personalized messages for multiple recipients within a few minutes. The cards have the flexibility to suit any budget of the company. They can load up to 9,999 AUD on reloadable digital cards and 4,999 AUD on single load cards.All Movies HD Download free from here Filmy4web

Usability and Flexibility

Prepaid Mastercard is super flexible and can be used in any of the 37 million online or offline stores worldwide. As long as they accept Mastercard, one is good to go.

Security and Less Risk

Prepaid cards do not risk volatility as most gift cards do. Therefore, they do not require as much research before investment. They also secure the amount such that thefts and accidents do not affect the receiver, and they can retrieve it easily by contacting the company.

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