Make Your Life Worth-Living By Wearing Gemstones

You must have seen your people wearing gemstones in their fingers which might have surprised you. Why do people wear so many gemstones in their fingers or in the form of bracelets in their wrists? The reason is that people experience a series of problems that they want to get rid of, and gemstones like jade can help people keep away from problems. In your daily life, you too must be suffering from health problems, financial problems and work-related problems and many other problems which devastate you from within. You might be performing pujas and hawans to lessen your problems which put you under stress. Unfortunately, problems do not seem to leave you. You keep encountering a number of problems in your personal life and family life. The ultimate solution to your problems could be wearing gemstones. When everything goes smoothly at your end, then you experience misfortunes at your end all of a sudden. It is the malefic planets which create problems in your life. Every planet is connected with a specific gemstone which should be worn very carefully only after getting your birth chart checked from an astrologer. You should not bear in mind that you should not wear a mix of gemstones which can create adverse effects in your life. Consulting with an astrologer is essential to know the right use of gemstones. Many people get tempted by seeing the dazzling and sparkling gemstones. The sight of gemstones is so pleasing that people buy gemstones and wear them without talking with an astrologer. As a result, they invite more problems which become difficult to deal with. Most importantly, you should know which gems would be appropriate for you and the gemstones you are buying are original or not. If you are ready to spend money on the gemstones, then you should buy the best quality and authentic gems from Khannagems which is the most trusted online gemstones site. You can get consultations from the proficient astrologers who will help you get the right gems as per your zodiac sign. 

Brief About Gemology 

A mineral which has a striking color and shimmering appearance is a gemstone. If you observe gemstones closely, you will come to know that the gems are hard and they can survive the natural settings with ease. In the present days, it may be a bit difficult to get hold of a precious gemstone amidst a cluster of mineral rocks. Owing to the content of minerals, gemstones have crystal structures along with chemical compositions which make a gem unique. In gemology, the prime focus is mostly on the crystal shape, optical properties, hardness and specific gravity. Moh’s scale is used by the gemologists to measure hardness of gemstones. When it comes to hardness, diamond is the hardest gem as compared to other gems. It is the heaviness of the stone and the density which refer to the gravity of a gemstone. The optical properties determine  the polish and cut of a crystal. There are many civilizations which believe in the cosmic powers of gems. Modern scientists believe that the celestial bodies emit cosmic energy on gems. It is through the color-coded frequencies, a crystal receives the cosmic energies which get seeped into your body with an aim to cure your health ailments or any other problem that is plaguing your life. To prevent constant hassles in your life, astrologers advise you to wear gemstones. The cosmic rays in the gemstones enter your body to convert negative effects into positive effects.

Which Gemstones You Should Not Wear Together? 

There are certain gemstones which should not be worn together, as it could destroy the inauspicious effect of the planets. A native’s horoscope is assessed properly to know about the malefic planets that are creating negative effects. If you wear wrong gemstones, then the chances of facing problems are high. Which gemstones should not combine together? If someone is wearing a pearl, then he or she should not combine it with Lehsunia, diamond, Panna, Neelam, or Gomed gemstones. A pearl minimizes the negative impact of the moon. When you combine pearls with the aforementioned gems, then you will have to face more hassles including mental stress. If you are wearing Panna gemstone, then you should not combine it with Red Coral, Topaz, Emerald, or Pearl. The Panna gemstone is ruled by Mercury. The negative effects of the Mercury planet get diminished when you wear a Panna gemstone. If you wear Panna along with Moonga, Topaz, or Pearl, then there is a chance to experience loss of wealth. The ruler of the blue sapphire stone is the Planet Saturn. Keep in mind that you should never wear a Blue Sapphire gemstone with Topaz, Pearl, Manik and Red Coral gemstones. If you wear a Neelam gemstone with the aforementioned gems, then you will have to face bad effects. If you are wearing a Lehsunia gemstone, then you should not wear it with Red Coral gemstones, Pearls, Topaz, or Ruby. If you do so, then you will invite ill luck at your end. The purpose of gemstones is to evade problems in your life. Consulting with an astrologer will be the best option before you get tempted to purchase an expensive gemstone. Please Visit Soap2Day

Get Best Quality Gems Online 

In the current days, the colours of gemstones can make an amazing effect on your body. All gemstones have lustre and vibrant hues which provide a positive impact on the body of a human being. In the current days, the colours of gemstones can make an amazing effect on your body. All gemstones have lustre and vibrant hues which provide a positive impact on the body of a human being. Every gemstone absorbs solar and cosmic energies which are passed in the body of human beings, invoking a positive response by balancing the chakras which keep your health good. Every color of the gem has its own unique impact and characteristic which makes a positive difference in your life. Depending on the movements of the planets on your birth chart and the placement of planets, astrologers will tell you to wear gemstones accordingly. Order the best quality semi-precious and precious gemstones from Khannagems online to ward off problems from your life. 

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