Is it a good investment to start a Kirana business?

Have you ever wondered what the best way to set up a Kirana store is? Well, if you’re planning to start a Kirana business in India then this guide is going to help you with your research. From a detailed Kirana store business plan to steps to set up a Kirana business, the investment required and profit margin, we have tried to cover all the finer details.

What is Kirana business?

Kirana store has been a household name in India for ages now. Kirana stores are a concept unique to India. They are both similar and different from general stores, convenience stores, and grocery stores in the United States and Europe.

The larger Kirana store is still the backbone of India’s retail sector. It is not uncommon to find a 10-12 feet wide entryway in front of a Kirana store that connects it to the living quarters above. As such, these small shops exist as an integral part of urban life in many parts of India.

Some say that these tiny shops are the main reason why India’s retail sector has been able to withstand competition from eCommerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc., while others feel that they will soon become obsolete due to the increasing availability of products from eCommerce portals such as Flipkart and Amazon.

And the sole reason behind this fame is the trust that people have in this industry and its products. The main objective of a Kirana store is to provide fresh, hygienic and quality products to customers at a reasonable price.

If you’re planning to start a Kirana business then you will require basic tools and resources which can help you in running your store smoothly without any hiccups or delays.

Why you should start a Kirana business/?

Kirana stores are the most common and popular places in India where you can buy daily use items just by walking in without any hectic searching. Commonly known as local grocery stores, they are a one-stop place for shopping. However, starting a kirana business is a serious commitment hence you should know if it’s profitable before you register your business or learn the invoicing process or know about how to use BHIM UPI QR code for making payments. Visit this page for more info.

The Kirana store business is worth investing in because of these few points:

  • Kirana stores are always nearby

Being the most common stores in India, Kirana stores can be found close to all localities such as residential areas and markets. The customers are mostly middle-class people who prefer to buy from the nearest store, not going to a mall or supermarket just for one item.

  • Frequent purchases

The customers visit Kirana stores more often than supermarkets. This ensures that there will always be good business and profit from these stores.

  • Low-cost advantages

Kirana store owners have lesser costs than big chains or supermarkets. This enables them to offer products at a cheaper rate with reasonable profit margins.

  • Reasonable credit facilities

To maintain long term relationships with the customers, Kirana stores usually offer reasonable credit facilities. Most of them offer credit accounts where the customer can keep purchasing until the credit limit is reached without paying anything extra. However, some Kirana shops provide interest-free credit facilities too which is

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