How COVID has changed the employment landscape and ways to improve your employment prospects in the New Normal

Few people would deny the terrible health implications of the recent Coronavirus epidemic. However, while the illness and death tallies were marked the world over, the virus has unmistakably also changed our modern world in many other ways. With the ongoing rollout of vaccines, we all hope the worst of COVID is now behind us – but there’s also a convincing argument to be made for the fact that the world will likely never be the same again.

From the increasing trend for remote working caused by the isolation and distancing policies enforced by authorities across the world to the massive growth and reliance upon online services, there can be little doubt that COVID has made profound changes to the way live, work and socialize. As with all defining societal moments in the past, our New Normal is likely to see the demise of many previous jobs and activities while giving rise to countless opportunities for those with the right ideas.

A perfect storm – but one you could ride to your benefit

Combined with the increasing sophistication of online systems, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML), the employment landscape is transforming at an almost alarming rate. Where once most employees could be virtually guaranteed a secure lifetime of work spent in the same job, emerging tech is revolutionizing almost all aspects of work – to the point it’s even exposing some roles as superfluous, giving rise to the new concept of the so-called, pointless job.

How to ensure you remain in demand in future years

The picture painted above may seem all doom and gloom, but, just like previous industrial revolutions in the past, our New Normal in Industry 4.0 will also benefit many – just so long as you have a good concept or the right skills. Indeed, it’s widely accepted that many of the most successful and profitable roles in the years to come have yet to be invented. However, if you’re looking for ways that could give you that much-needed ongoing security, below are some ideas:

Work in the courier sector: Many would argue the demise of the traditional high street has been a long time coming – particularly when you consider the reticence of many older-school firms to change and embrace the opportunities afforded by e-commerce and online marketing. However, while the concept of shopping physically in person may be waning, this new trend for buying online has led to an explosion in demand for courier companies. If you want to capitalize on the new wave of delivery services, try searching online for a suitable vehicle. For example, the site Used vans Cheshire to get a low-cost van you could use for courier work.

Brush up your computer skills: No matter what job you look at these days, it’s almost inevitable you will need to work with computers. Having basic computers will be a given in pretty much all jobs moving forward.More Info About Liver Health

Expand your skill base: As mentioned above, recruitment specialists suggest most future employees will change jobs multiple times – often making sideways moves or changing career direction completely. The more skills and experience you can build through your lifetime, the more likely you will be to be able to comfortably transition into different work. Think about enrolling in extra courses or studying online in your spare time.All Movies HD Download free from here EPS Coin

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