Euro 2024 – What’s Hot about the European Football Championship?

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A few words about Euro 2024

For those who do not know, Euro 2024 is also known as the 2024 European Championship Cup. This is the 17th time the tournament has been held in history and brings together 24 of the strongest teams to compete. This professional football tournament takes place every 4 years under the management of the European Football Federation.

As expected, the Euro 2024 Football Cup will take place in Germany next summer with the participation of many “big guys”. According to the reputable source we have, this tournament will start on June 14 to July 14, 2024.

Which country is the host of Euro 2024?

As introduced above, Germany is the host of the Euro 2024 finals. This is the third time this country has hosted this famous football tournament. The 10 cities chosen to host classic matches at Euro are all familiar names. Below is a list of cities and stadiums used for the 2024 European Football Cup in Germany:

  • The Berlin Olympics can accommodate 70 thousand spectators in the capital Berlin.
  • Cologne Stadium has a capacity of 47 thousand seats in Cologne city.
  • BVB Stadion Dortmund has a capacity of about 66 thousand spectators in Dortmund.
  • Dusseldorf Arena in the city of Dusseldorf can accommodate about 47 thousand fans.
  • Frankfurt Arena with a capacity of 48 thousand spectators in Frankfurt city.
  • Arena AufSchalke in Gelsenkirchen has a capacity of 50 thousand fans.
  • Volksparkstadion Hamburg in Hamburg has a capacity of 50 thousand seats.
  • Leipzig Stadium with a capacity of 42 thousand spectators in Leipzig city.
  • Allianz Arena in Munich has a capacity of about 67 thousand fans.
  • Stuttgart Arena has a capacity of 54 thousand spectators in the city of Stuttgart.

Revealing the competition format at Euro 2024

Since the 2016 European Championship Cup, UEFA has increased the total number of participating teams to 24. This is a great opportunity for top teams to participate in Europe’s largest football event. To get a ticket to attend the finals, teams will go through many different rounds.

European Football Cup qualifying round

First, all UEFA member teams will be drawn into groups to participate in the qualifying round. The teams will be divided into 10 groups with many different seed groups. The top 2 teams in each group will win the right to advance to the Euro 2024 finals alongside host country Germany. The remaining 3 tickets will be determined through play-off matches.

Competition format for Euro 2024 finals 

After determining the 24 best names participating in the finals, UEFA will continue to draw lots to divide the group. Each group consists of 4 teams ranked in different seed groups to ensure fairness. 

Teams compete at Euro 2024 will compete in a round robin to calculate points. At that time, the 2 best and second best teams of the groups will move on to the next round along with the 4 3rd ranked teams with the best results.
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In the knock-out round, teams will compete directly from round 1/16, quarter-finals, and semi-finals to find 2 teams to participate in the final. The team that wins the final match will become the defending champions Euro 2024 and received a noble silver trophy.

Which teams have participated in the Euro 2024 finals?

According to the latest statistics from the European Football Federation, there are 20 teams officially winning tickets to attend Europe’s largest football festival. Besides host country Germany, other powerful teams have won a spot in the finals:

  • Older brother
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • IDEA
  • Belgium
  • Portugal

In addition, Euro 2024 also recorded the presence of top teams in Europe such as Denmark, Switzerland, Serbia, Scotland, Hungary,… The names that cause the most regret when not competing at the Euro The 17th time is: Sweden, Poland, Norway, Ukraine, Greece,…

So, together we have discovered the hottest information about Euro 2024 – the most exciting and attractive tournament next summer. This is a football tournament that brings together the strongest teams in Europe to compete in classic matches. To update the latest news about the 2024 European Football Cup, please follow the articles at Kubet Please share.

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