A Rare Coin Collectors Guide To The Carson City Mint

Coins are a great way to connect with America’s history.  There are many coins that go back to America’s infancy.  The Carson City Mint is one of the earlier mints in the US.

Immigrants discovered silver while trying to get to the gold fields in California.  They would have to stop in the Sierra Mountains during the snow, and there they discovered silver.

How the Carson City Mint Came About

The Carson City Mint was built out of necessity.  When the prospectors found silver on their way to California, they found so much silver that they needed to build a mint.  The purpose of the Carson City Mint was to turn the silver they found into coins.  During the short time the Carson City Mint was open, only 19 years total, there were 57 types of gold coins made.  This makes coins that come from the Carson City Mint very valuable.

Carson City Mint Coins Hold Their Value

Carson City Mint collectables hold their value because there was such a limited supply, due to its short production runs.  Gold coins from the Carson City Mint can be expensive due to the limited supply.  A more economic purchase are the Morgan silver dollars.  The Morgan silver dollars from Carson City Mint are rarer, and people seek these over other U.S. mints because fewer of these coins were struck there.  If ever you see a coin minted in Carson City, you know it was minted in the 1880’s.  This drives the value.

The Most Rare Coin From Carson City Mint

The rarest coin from the Carson City Mint is the 1873-CC No Arrows Dime.  There are few in existence.  This ten-cent coin is valued at between 1-2 million bucks.  These can be researched and bought and sold online.  There are many books and resources that will tell you the values of these precious coins.  This is for the die-hard collectors, who have more than adequate cash flow.

Carson City Gold

There are a few gold coins that are very collectable and are worth a lot.  There are the Carson City Half Eagles.  These coins go on an average of 20 thousand dollars based on different criteria.  There are Carson City Eagles and Carson City Double Eagles.  Of the Carson City Eagles, it is believed that roughly 3% survived to our current time.  That is a rare coin!  The Double Eagle is equally as valuable with 3% survival which equals approximately 55 to 65 coins that exist.

Get A Carson City Coin For Your Collection

It would be awesome to see these coins.  Many people are attracted to collecting from the Carson City Mint because of the history in it.  It ties in with the Wild Wild West and the great migration that took place due to the infamous gold rush.See all information about Sw418

People romanticize the time period, it’s nostalgic.  Silver would be the more affordable option in collecting when trying to get something minted in Carson City.  All the same, the best part is learning the history of it all.

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