5 Arthritis Friendly Foods to Relieve your Symptoms

Food is important! Not only to keep your mind and body healthy but it also affects other aspects of your health. One among these is the treatment of certain diseases with the foods.

This is quite true because we become what we eat. Different ingredients present in certain foods have a great impact on our overall health. Whether we talk about diabetes or heart problems, our dietary choices create a massive difference.

Foods- Treatment of Diseases

Not only is it about our physical health but the choice of food also impacts our mental health. You already know this, because eating certain foods can boost your mood and make you happy. However, there is very little that you know about treating diseases with the help of food. Arthritis is one such disease.

Arthritis- Treatment with Foods

Arthritis refers to a group of diseases characterized by joint pain and inflammation. Many things can cause arthritis. From the genes you inherit from your parents to the lifestyle practices you follow, everything determines your risk of suffering from arthritis. Just like all other diseases, there are hundred possible treatment options available for arthritis and food is also one among them.

Once a colleague of mine who suffered from arthritis went to many renowned doctors in Karachi before her proper diagnosis of arthritis. Complaining about the joint pain, she was advised to consume aloe vera gel and turmeric to get rid of pain and inflammation. So, yes food is certainly important here.

How to Treat Arthritis with Foods?

If you are also looking for foods that can relieve your joint pain due to arthritis then this article might be the perfect read for you. Here are the foods you need to add to your diet;

1- Fatty fish

Fish, being an important source of animal protein, is known to support human health for all the reasons. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acid and vitamin D and both of these nutrients are known to fight off the inflammation of joints that make your arthritis worse. So, if you are somebody who doesn’t eat fish, it’s high time to start it now.

2- Leafy green vegetables

Next on the list of arthritis rich foods is the leafy green vegetables. Their exceptional nutritional profile is the reason that they are considered to be good for arthritis. All of these vegetables contain good amounts of vitamin C and E and both of these are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, vitamin C present in these vegetables accounts for their role in better immune function.

3- Olive oil

Olive oil should be named as your anti-inflammatory drug that can ultimately help to relieve your symptoms of arthritis. Nutritionally speaking, olive oil is a good source of healthy fats that are good for your health alongside containing good amounts of vitamin D that ultimately supports better bone function. So, next time whenever you are making your arthritis-friendly kitchen shopping list, make sure you don’t forget to include olive oil.

4- Green tea

Another thing that can affect your joint health with arthritis is green tea. Green eat is a rich source of antioxidants and these antioxidants are certainly good for your joints. The reason is that oxidative stress can make it difficult for you to deal with arthritis. So, one good way of fighting this oxidative stress is to start consuming green tea.

5- Ginger and garlic

Normally found in your kitchen and an essential part of your everyday cuisines, both of these are good for your arthritis. Nutritionally speaking, both ginger and garlic are for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidants ability. This not only fights oxidative stress but also reduces inflammation and reduces the symptoms of arthritis.

Bottom Line!

Arthritis, referring to joint pain, is a lifelong condition. Characterized by painful and inflamed joints disease can include many causes i.e., genetic, lifestyle etc. Fortunately, arthritis is quite a curable disease and can be treated in hundreds of ways. Talking about the treatment options, the role of food can’t be denied.

There are certain foods that can help to make disease manageable while many others can make it worse. You can include these foods in your diet to minimize your risk of arthritis or to make your symptoms manageable. However, it is always better to consult your pain doctor for the right treatment.

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