10 online marketing tips for schools to increase enrollments

A winning marketing strategy must be applied everywhere, whether it is a business or an institution. At present, many institutions or schools are using various methods of promotion for online marketing. After all, digital marketing has gained popularity tremendously.

You can ensure that digital marketing is affordable, sustainable, and measurable compared to traditional marketing strategies. So, if you read further, you will learn the various school marketing ideas to increase enrollments online.

1. Improve your website experience:

The first and most important factor is to improve the website. If your website is fast and responsive, you can ensure that the parents will seamlessly be able to browse and navigate the entire website for more information.

When the web pages take time to load, they will leave the site, eventually leaving a negative impression. So, make sure your website is fast and responsive. Most of all, it must look like a professional website without any stock images or spinning icons.

2. Improve your organic search visibility:

It is crucial to have a search engine presence. For instance, whenever you type “the best school in Australia”, your website or webpage might not rank first.

That’s when you realize that you need to improve your organic search visibility with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You can take the help of some SEO experts or consultants to increase your search engine presence.

3. Search engine traffic with Google Adwords:

To gain more customers, you can use the online advertising platform called Google Adwords. Although this platform requires you to pay a certain amount for clicks, you can write an effective ad campaign that sends the parent to the landing page.

But make sure that the copy utilizes keywords. You can monitor the performance of the advertisement and make improvements if necessary.

4. Build a Facebook community:

Facebook is a popular social media platform that can allow you to create an online community. You can provide details related to school and upload photos and videos to improve communication. In this manner, you are generating conversions by engaging the community.

5. Engage with your alumni and students on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals, unlike Facebook. Well, this platform allows schools and their ex-students to network online.

A profile of the school can be created on LinkedIn. Additionally, alumni and ex-students can be encouraged to join. For sure, they can help improve your school’s brand image, and the parents will allow their children to attend a renowned school.

6. Communicate with email newsletters regularly:

Email newsletters are not only an affordable communication tool but also a promotional tool. You can send e-newsletters to your target audience or parents on a monthly or weekly basis. You can deliver tailored and personalized messages in newsletters for a better online experience.

7. Begin producing online video:

One of the most powerful communication tools that are rising in popularity is online videos. Although you might have to spend a lot on production and editing with an online video editor, you can use the strategy of online videos and share them on different social media platforms. But you must ensure that the online video content is engaging for parents. It is one of the most amazing school marketing ideas.

8. Improve your online reputation:

You must publish testimonials or reviews on your website or social media platforms. If you have really good online reviews, it will help you in improving your online reputation. Hence, you can look for satisfied customers and acquire positive reviews. Also, make sure they spread the word about your school.

9. Use offline communication to leverage online activity:

You can integrate both online and offline communication tools by advertising in a local newspaper with your web address. If you have outdoor signage, don’t forget to mention the school’s web address.

Additionally, you can include your social media details on envelopes before sending them to parents. You can also allow parents to subscribe to your e-newsletter for updates.

10. Maintain a blog for engaging and valuable content:

You can include content on various educational topics and provide updates on any school events in your blog. You can ensure that it will improve your search engine presence.

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