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Protected housing

Depending on the Autonomous Community in which it is going to be acquired, protected housing implies more ease, with economic and fiscal advantages, to facilitate its access to citizens. It also implies a series of limitations: to access it, a series of economic requirements must be met, the home has certain characteristics -normally it cannot exceed a certain size-, the buyer must use it as a primary residence and it is subject to a maximum price. selling. This type of housing can be built by private developers, who buy the land at a cheaper price and can access financial aid for construction, or directly by the administration. Read the Tax Benefits of Rental Property below;

Other requirements

If you want to acquire a VPO…

  • You cannot be the owner of another subsidized home.
  • You cannot be the owner of a free home in the same municipality where you are going to apply for the protected one.
  • It must appear as your habitual residence.

Types of protected housing

There are three types and they differ basically in the maximum income level to apply for them. Officially protected housing (VPO) in the general regime. They have the m2 more expensive than those of special regime. The weighted family income must be less than 5.5 times the minimum interprofessional salary. If income meets this requirement, a reduction coefficient of between 3% and 17% is applied depending on the number of family members.

Officially protected housing (VPO) in the special regime. The weighted family income must be less than 2.5 times the minimum interprofessional salary.

Public Protection Housing (VPP). They are built by the administration and are mainly intended for families in need. The maximum annual income of a family that wants to obtain a VVP must be less than 1.5 of the minimum interprofessional salary. In a housing development of this type, half of the properties are given to families in dire need and the other half is raffled among the other applicants who meet the requirements.

Aid to buy protected housing

Qualified Loans. They are the mortgages that are destined for the acquisition of VPO. You can request them if your weighted family income does not exceed 5.5 times the minimum interprofessional salary. These loans allow financing up to 80% of the maximum legal price of the VPP, they do not have opening and cancellation fees and are contracted for a term of 20 years. The effective annual interest rate in force is supervised by the Ministry of Public Works and does not vary during the life of the credit –unless it is modified by Public Works.

Help entry. The benefits vary based on income.

I already have my house

New housing or Tax Advantages of Rental Property

In the event that you have purchased a newly built home, to make it habitable you will have to register the necessary services: water, gas, electricity, telephone… You will also need the first occupancy license and certificate of occupancy, which will be provided by the promoter, directly or through the intermediary with whom you have had to make the purchase. They are administrative documents that certify, respectively, that the dwelling meets the necessary requirements demanded by the Law to be habitable and that the conditions established in the building license have been met. If you discover defects in the house, you can go to the seller, who assumed the obligation to deliver it in the proper habitability conditions, and to the promoter, the builder, the architect, and the quantity surveyor, who did not adequately fulfill their obligations.

Second-hand housing

You will also have to register for the necessary services: water, gas, electricity, telephone or change ownership if they were already contracted. If you have decided to make reforms, you must request the corresponding building license permit at the town hall. When you go to acquire a second-hand home, it is very important that you review the most visible parts, since it is difficult to claim against possible defects afterward. And if necessary consult a professional about the state of the facilities and the structure of the home the move. It is not an easy task, moving is one of the most cumbersome tasks to face when we have to live in a new Montauk homes for sale. The main thing: plan it well in advance.

Do it in time

Moving all your personal belongings, furniture, appliances is a difficult task that requires time and the most common is to entrust the work to a specialized company. If you don’t want last-minute stress, plan it at least two months in advance. Contact different companies, request budgets, and make sure they can carry it out on the chosen day. It doesn’t hurt to ask neighbors, friends, and family to help you make a decision. The move is an ideal time to do a large-scale cleaning and get rid of all those things that we have been accumulating and that no longer serve us.

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