Benefits Of Breakfast

THE WORD BREAKFAST IS A COMPOUND OF BREAK AND FAST, describing in itself the end of a fast (abstinence from food or drink) from the night before. Depending upon when dinner was eaten, most people have been fasting for ten to twelve hours prior to breakfast time. If food is not eaten upon awakening, the fast is lengthened, as are the potential negative side effects of prolonged fasting, which can include fatigue, mood changes, and headaches, including migraines. Eating within one hour of waking is ideal to give the body the fuel it needs to start functioning optimally and to jump-start metabolism

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Skipping breakfast can contribute to feelings of fatigue, irritability, or sadness. The body is built to regulate blood sugar levels to the brain, but after a long night of fasting, your brain may not get the fuel it needs to optimally function. Fatigue and irritability may be a sign of low blood sugar. Give the brain some tender loving care and load up on healthy morning fuels—protein, fats, and fiber-rich foods.

If you have or care for children, there are many reasons to be a good role model and to encourage them to enjoy a healthy meal in the morning. Lack of breakfast or a nutrient-poor breakfast may result in a nutritionally inadequate diet for some children, negatively influencing learning and health in a number of ways.

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Now, let’s list some examples of a healthy, balanced breakfast. Much like fueling an engine, good sense would have us put high quality fuel in our bodies that is guaranteed to provide long-term energy. This type of slow fuel will support a healthy metabolism and a more positive mood for the remainder of the day. Remember that protein, fat, and fiber (or PFF’s) provide slower burning fuel compared to refined carbohydrates.

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